Frustration with Procrastination

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Procrastination is a slippery adversary, stealthy, incidious, secretive maybe even seductive enemy that creeps up behind you, moves in and remains, unwelcome but tolerated.

WHO HAS TROUBLE WITH PROCRASTINATING? You know – putting things that need to be done – off. Avoiding the annoyance or unpleasantness involved with that thing that needs doing. No? Not you? Not ever? WOW. Impressive. It’s not that I doubt you but … let me ask you a few more questions, OK?

How is that Tax record organising going? Been to the Tax Agent this year? Maybe it is not Tax for you, maybe it is going to the Dentist? Cleaning the Bathroom? Gutters? No? Weight loss err weight management? Well – most of us put things off from time to time. We put them in the too hard basket, because we either have a thought, a feeling or a behavior – happening, that is…

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Frustration with Procrastination

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