Summary of the Agile Manifesto

The agile manifesto is about presence over past:

  1. Interactions/individuals are now – processes/tools originate from past decisions.
  2. Working software works now – comprehensive documentation is (mostly) out of date
  3. In customer collaboration you know his current requirement – a contract manifests past decisions
  4. A change is happening now – a plan is (mostly) out of date.
Summary of the Agile Manifesto

3 thoughts on “Summary of the Agile Manifesto

  1. mfloryan says:


    I think it is an interesting observation but I see some bias here that might not be justified. I think your arguments can be easily turned around in some points.

    For example – you write the documentation now, the working software will be produced in the future. A change is something that results from the past decisions whereas plans always look towards the future (ignoring for a minute that they might be out of date).

    I would suggest that it’s more about outcomes over processes, and outcomes are indeed positioned in the future.

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